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Let's connect on Instagram or LinkedIn! I provide FREE outstanding value over there to help you in your mission as a leader in business.

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Use our sample Complete Brand Guide to build yours!

I sense, though, that you are agonising over your BRAND IDENTITY and need immediate help. Is that right?


I'll guide you through pinning your magnetic brand strategy.

Book a Two-hour Brand Strategy Consultation with me. I'll give you the best value you could imagine on a call. For only USD397, you'll have clarity and direction about your brand identity. No brand can sell at its full potential without knowing its BRAND IDENTITY.

PS: I had invested over USD15,000 on courses and coaching on BRAND STRATEGY alone (including Donald Miller's StoryBrand, and Russel Brunson & Dan Kennedy's "Marketing Secrets"), and all of that learning I'm committed to delivering to you, tailored to your brand, on a call. You don't have to spend hours and thousands yourself.

Why Consult With Me?


You have invested so much in your business, and it pains me when I see entrepreneurs figure things out on their own through free resources.

You can try to piece them all together. But the longer you try to figure out things on your own, the farther change will be within reach.

All foundational information (what you can access for free) has to be tailored to YOUR context.

I've experienced growth in my various business brands after getting expert help from my business coach.

I created The Collective Asia, The Smart Concierge, The Smart Shopper, and Giving is Social and have tested different value propositions, target audiences, visuals, etc. My personal branding projects include and These brands continue to change communities positively.

I have been in corporate sales and marketing, and business ownership in the last 18 years. Some of my businesses have started making profits as early as six months.

I have marketed my 5-star-rated self-published book on Amazon, and I used the power of Branding (and funnel strategy) to sell the book and generate leads.

I work with six entrepreneurs/marketers who have also succeeded after nailing their brand strategies. And our combined experience is what will be delivered to you on a call.

My Partner Consultants

My team of partner consultants are entrepreneurs themselves. Maura created Vela Manila which has received a coveted feature in British Vogue. Janine, on the other hand, has helped grow Tech with Tasha as a business accelerator for Christian Women in the last six years.

Our partnership with you is set apart because we will focus on helping you build the foundations for creating, not just profits, but also your greatest impact through your business.

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